elise campbell
Saughton Park and The Elusive Onion
Paper Print
420mm x 594mm
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland

Onion planting in the formal garden.

One of the proposals for Saughton Park is to plant two or more of the ornamental beds in the formal garden with onions, as a homage to the Land Girls who cultivated onions in the Saughton Walled Gardens during WWII. The onions were later given to the hospitals in Edinburgh. It is also hoped that by growing food plants within a prominent area of the garden, fresh questions will be raised about the use of the land within the park.

The CAD drawing sets out the planting distances for growing onions within two nominal beds.

It is proposed that the onions will be harvested and made into onion soup which will be served at an event in the cafe.
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