elise campbell
Elise Campbell is a visual artist and chartered landscape architect based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her practice includes installation, image, text and socially engaged projects. Elise’s work is largely process based and experiments with modus operandi

Interested in interdisciplinary methodologies, Elise frequently collaborates with professionals from different fields, such as architects, ecologists, planners, and also with other artists. Interaction with communities, social dialogue and participative processes are central to many of her projects. 

Through her background in landscape architecture and design Elise brings an inherent sense of place to her projects, informed by an intuitive appreciation of scale, space, process and materiality. Works are often developed site-specifically, responding to the idiosyncrasies and ecologies of a place, and exploring people’s relationships with land and place. 

Ecological themes are a core concern in Campbell's practice, specifically in their connection with socio-economical and political discourses regarding the built environment. Drawing on extensive experience as a practitioner in the field of landscape architecture, her current work and research looks to build upon and challenge existing architectural languages, structures and systems. 

Elise Campbell has shown work in galleries and external public spaces in Scotland, Slovenia and the US. She is a sessional tutor for Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture (ESALA) at Edinburgh College of Art and The University of Edinburgh. She is also the founder of PLAE [People :: Landscape :: Art :: Ecology].