elise campbell
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Orkney Fieldwork: Blanket Bog Series
Hoy, Orkney, Scotland 2008

Photographic studies of blanket bog plant species, Hoy, Orkney.

Extensive areas of blanket bog carpet the island of Hoy, Orkney. From a distance these damp peatlands can appear bleak, barren, devoid of life and static. On closer inspection they reveal a myriad of delicate plants, mosses and lichens, vibrant colours and sumptuous textures. Thousands of years of evolution have developed these important habitats. Britain has about 10-15% of the global area of blanket bog. The blanket bogs on Hoy are ‘Active’, meaning that they support a significant area of vegetation that is peat-forming.

A series of shoots were taken of blanket bog plants blowing in the wind. The photographs appear to be the same but each one is different.