elise campbell
Q <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> AQ <-> A
Q <-> A (The Question Centre)
Tent Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland 2010

Materials: 13 no. A1 whiteboards, coloured whiteboard marker pens, yellow adhesive vinyl, portable amp, Ipod, wooden bench

Curated by David Bussel, this work explored themes of questioning and personal reflection and was the output of a group of artists. Questions were continually asked amongst the group; often unanswered, open-ended, and leading to more questions.

A structure was sought which would allow the public to join in the discourse. Freestanding whiteboards were sourced as a system of engagement with the public, where they could freely and anonymously interact with the process of asking questions. Tent Gallery’s original intention as an office space, inspired the corporate and austere tone of the installation.

Q <-> A comprises two components: a sound piece, where recordings of ‘questioning’ dialogues were mixed up and quietly played back in a private room, and the other a public space where 13 no. A1 freestanding whiteboards and accompanying coloured whiteboard pens were situated for the public to write any question they wanted. There were no rules but most often the public attempted to answer the questions that others had asked as well as asking their own questions.

The result was an interactive and sculptural ‘forest’ of whiteboards, questions and answers.

The project was in collaboration with Jack Cupples, Tielia Dellanzo, Mark Eischeid, Catriona Glover, Kata Nöteborg, Trevor Parker and Stefania Strouza.