elise campbell
Saughton Park and The Elusive Onion
Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Scotland 2010

Materials: MDF, trestles, paper, lamps, gro-bulbs, framed photographs, onion seedlings, compost, plant containers, reference books

A research station, relating to the development of a social art project at Saughton Park, Edinburgh, with the City of Edinburgh Council and The Corstorphine Project. The installation exhibits initial research and outline art proposals for the project. The research station provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the park and the future art proposals. The public are encouraged to interact with the research material and leave behind any comments.

“In recent years I have been studying issues of land use; ecology; food production; social relations; economics; the politics of public space and the notion of place. Last summer, I discovered Saughton Park in the southwest of Edinburgh. Intrigued by the history of the park I approached the City of Edinburgh Council and enquired whether I could use the park to develop a long-term art project. This installation reflects initial research and proposals for the project.

During WWII, Land Girls dug over the flower beds of Saughton Gardens, and planted them with onions. The onions were distributed to the hospitals of Edinburgh.”